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A journey of David Spencer's faith in Jesus Christ, exploration of Christian faith and Canadian Christians working in media.
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  1. Contact Debra Halsmith and help her set up Morley Halsmith's memorial page on and here.
  2. Update the pages for the following media friends:Steve Burchell,Carey Grant,Bob Du Broy,Lindsay Whitfield,Beth Warden,Steve Burchell,Darren Hewer,Annette Cooper,Nick Peros,Ruth Fazal,Rob Green,Charles Morrison,
  3. Add these graphics
  4. Create a page of Copyright in Canada refer to this article
  5. Sort this list Canadian_Christian_Media_Workers.
  6. Delete Points System
  7. Submit to
  8. Delete Category:Male
  9. Delete Category:Female
  10. How to Save Voicemail Messages Permanently.
  11. Get your voicemail messages as text
  12. HTML special character reference
  13. Move the photos and images over from the MySQL database
  14. Add links to the history pages for Canadian Christian radio stations. Link to
  15. Update from here.
  16. Submit the RSS feed to
  17. Add the urban legend site
  18. Add to the glossary the 3 main television standards used throughout the world
  19. Add a description for each of these Web 2.0 Social Networking sites.
  20. Make a list of television shows I used to watch
  21. List of
  22. Add Your URL to Google
  23. Add Broadcast Dialogue Magazine
  24. Add Broadcast Dialogue Magazine Directory
  25. Add glossary ideas
  26. How to remove your business name from
  27. Megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB) are measurement units for electronic data. One megabyte is 1,048,576 bytes and one gigabyte is approximately one thousand megabytes. As a point of reference:
  • Floppy disks can hold 1.44 MB of data.
  • MP3 files average 4 MB in size
  • Standard CD-ROMs can hold 700 MB of data.
  • High-quality movie trailers average 15 MB in size.
  • IPod Shuffle has 1 GB of storage and can hold 250 MP3 songs