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Who is David Di Sabatino?

David Di Sabatino was Editor of Worship Leader Magazine. In 2003, his article "Why I Would Follow Bono into Hell" won a Guild Award. His writing has appeared in various magazines including PRISM, Faith Today and Christian Week. David has interviewed over 500 participants of the Jesus movement and is getting ready to publish some of his findings.

David is author of the book "The Jesus People Movement: An Annotated Bibliography and General Resource"

  • David Di Sabatino, The Jesus People Movement: An Annotated Bibliography and General Resource (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1999). You may purchase his book from here.

David has written numerous articles tracing the history of the Jesus Movement.

David wrote an article about the influence on culture of Bono from the band U2.

David wrote an article about Australian evangelist John Smith. John Smith & the God Squad Down Under as posted in PRISM Magazine, January 2000

David Di Sabatino is the screenwriter, director and producer of the documentary film "FALLEN ANGEL: The OUTLAW LARRY NORMAN".

David Di Sabatino is the screenwriter, director and producer of the documentary film "Frisbee: The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher ". To attend a screening visit his web site.

Contact David Di Sabatino

web site: http://www.lonniefrisbee.com

Present Media Ministry of David Di Sabatino

David Di Sabatino is researching, writing and promoting his book and film about the Jesus Movement.

Contributions to Canadian Media Made by David Di Sabatino

David Di Sabatino has written a number of articles on the history of the Jesus Movement.

  • The Jesus people movement : counterculture revival and evangelical renewal,

Masters Thesis for McMaster Divinity College, McMaster University, Mills Library,Call No.: BV 3793 .D53 1994, 1994, 194 pages

Skills and Abilities of David Di Sabatino

David Di Sabatino's skills and abilities will be described here soon.

Education and Training of David Di Sabatino

David Di Sabatino obtained his a degree in 1994 from Divinity College at Mc Master University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He attended Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Personal Testimony of Christian Faith of David Di Sabatino

David Di Sabatino was born again on Month day, year. I was raised in an Italian Pentecostal Church.

Articles About David Di Sabatino's Media Work

People are saying the following about David Di Sabatino's media work.

  • "The PP Interviews:David Di Sabatino" by Michael Newnham. http://phoenixpreacher.com/cms/?p=3713
    "As for Larry, I have always been a fan of the man. His music has always been near and dear to my heart. In fact, I owe a great debt to him, as do a lot of people. His music provided the soundtrack to my early spiritual journey. For about 10 years that music was very important to me. I didn't really listen to him all that much after 1990, but when I started to turn my hand toward documentaries on this subject, he was a natural follow-up to Lonnie because of the degree of difficulty in telling the story." and ” Feel free to send me your documentary, book, painting or piece of furniture that artistically expresses your opinion." - David Di Sabatino

Accolades About David Di Sabatino

People are saying the following about the life and media ministry of David Di Sabatino.

About David Di Sabatino's book "The Jesus People Movement: An Annotated Bibliography and General Resource" .

  • "With this compilation David Di Sabatino establishes himself as a leading bibliographer of religion in the 1960s, and his work sets a high bibliographic standard that will set the benchmark for a number of years."

Dr. G.E. Gorman FLA FRSA
Charles Sturt University – Riverina, New South Wales, Australia

  • "David Di Sabatino has been involved for years in collecting and chronicling the Jesus Movement. He came here to Jesus People USA and spent considerable time going through our archives and getting first hand accounts. This book is a result of those efforts.

The book starts out with an essay called "The Spiritual Sixties and the Jesus People Movement" in which he sets a framework for studying the Jesus Movement against the backdrop of the 1960s and 70s. The rest of the book is a very accessible bibliography of sources: General Resources, The Extremists (Children of God and Way Int'l), and then concludes with a Jesus Music discography. For the wider world outside of whatever enclaves may be left of the Jesus movement (like JPUSA, Calvary Chapel, and others) this is a great general introduction.

Now around the house here at JPUSA you might hear various criticisms like "How could he have left this album out of the discography?" or "The index isn't detailed enough!" But I think we'd all agree that as far as resources go, without swimming through our own library, this one is the most exhaustive available. And certainly the most organized. So if you're studying the Jesus Movement find this book. And keep watching David Di Sabatino. Maybe he'll have some more books coming out in the future. "

Chris Rice Reviewer for Cornerstone Magazine, Jesus People USA

About David Di Sabatino's film "Frisbee: The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher "

Interview in Christianity Today written by Canadian Peter T. Chattaway

Postings on ArtsandFaith.com