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Find a Canadian Christian radio station:

Call Letters City Frequency Name Launch Date Province or Territory Radio Programs

Radio Station 99.9 Faith FM CHJX

Canadian Christian radio station CHJX originally broadcast on frequency 105.9 FM in 2008. Today the station broadcasts on 99.9 FM.

Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Common Name: CHJX 99.9 FM
Call Letters: CHJX
Frequency: 99.9 FM

Cable Television Channel:
Satellite Signal:

Repeater Station(s): A repeater station broadcasts the mother station radio signal on a different radio frequency to neighbouring communities.

City Call Letters Frequency Power

Internet Streaming: ?

Listen Online Here:

Programming Format:

Broadcast Languages: English


Contact Radio Station CHJX 99.9 FM

Mailing Address :

CHJX 99.9 FM
Suite 207
Kitchener, ON N2G 2M4

Studio Address:

120 Wellington St.
Suite 100
London, ON N6B 2K6

Administration Phone : 519-679-2459
Request Phone Line : 519-601-8999
Toll Free :
Fax : 519-679-8014

web site :

The Vision of Radio Station CHJX 99.9 FM

Organization Status : not-for-profit organization

Slogan : GRACE 99.9 FM; London's Positive Music Station.

Mission Statement : CHJX FM Grace 99.9 exists to encourage the Christian community by communicating the gospel through Christian music.

To provide our listeners with a full variety of Christian Music 24 hours a day, each day of the year, bringing Glory and Honour to our Lord Jesus Christ. We look to create a positive impact on the city of London and surrounding area through a Christian music ministry which is an alternative to our area’s current broadcasting media. We look to introduce non-believers to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and encourage believers in the growth of that relationship. We provide programming that appeals to all age groups which promotes safe and positive family values by artists and speakers who portray the truth of the gospel and the many ways of applying biblical principals to our day to day lives.

Statement of Faith :

  • We believe in the Holy Trinity: God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe the Holy Bible is God’s word, fully trustworthy, and is a model of how to live our lives.
  • We believe that sin is forgiven by God’s grace and that salvation is only possible through an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Technical Specifications for Radio Station CHJX 99.9 FM

Network Affiliation : Sound of Faith Broadcasting Incorporated is our group incorporation. We are applying to set up radio stations in other Ontario markets including Kitchener, London, Woodstock, St. Thomas, Niagara and Hamiliton

Effective Radiated Power : 10 watts

Channel :

Radio Transmitter : Crown 100watts

Antenna : ERI Model 100-1, 1bay Circularly polarized, non directional, gain 0.412 over a dipole at a height of 127 Meters EFAAT

Music Library Software :

Programming Automation Software : Media Touch

Programming Production Software :

Internet Streaming System :

Staff for Radio Station CHJX 99.9 FM

Founder(s) : Sound of Faith Broadcasting Incorporated Board of Directors

Owner(s) : Not for profit corporation known as Sound of Faith Broadcasting Inc.

President  : Dr Robert Reid

Operations Manager : Douglas R Chaplin

Program Director :

Assistant Program Director :

Music Director :

Music Librarian:

Promotions Manager : Dale Elliott

Announcers/Hosts/DJ's :

Image Voice :

Sales/Advertising Manager :

Traffic :

Engineer :

Office Manager :

Webservant :

Number of paid staff: ?

Number of volunteers : ?

Programming for Radio Station CHJX 99.9 FM

Hours of music aired weekly:

Hours of spoken word and teaching aired weekly:

In House Produced Programs Aired :

Syndicated Programs Aired :

Music/artist samples :

From Other Countries

Send PSA's (Public Service Announcements) to :

Send program proposals to :

Send music demos to :
Please send music artist, band demos and albums for airplay consideration along with your media kit, statement of faith and name of your home church(es)

Government Monitoring of Programming for Radio Station CHJX 99.9 FM

CRTC Details
The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission is based in Ottawa,Ontario and Hull,Québec Visit the CRTC.

Application 2001-1059-4 filed with the C.R.T.C. on
Notice of Public Hearing
Public Hearing held in

Decision CRTC 2002-416
Programming license approved by the C.R.T.C. on
Approved to

CRTC Decision Explanation:

The service will operate on a year-round basis, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service will provide mainly contemporary Christian music, having a minimum of 95% of the music drawn from subcategory 35 (non-classic Religious). In addition, 44 hours per week of local programming, including headline news, weather and sports will be broadcast.

The station also intends to air, four times per day, God's View Behind the News, hourly bible readings and interviews with Christian artists, sports figures, and business leaders, among others. Public service advertisements will be broadcast hourly and commercial advertising will be limited to a maximum of four minutes per hour. The licensee shall contribute a minimum of $5,000.00 per year in direct cost expenditures toward the development of Canadian talent. This will entail holding an annual talent contest for all styles of Christian music with the winners having an opportunity to record a CD. In addition, the licensee will put out a compilation CD of the top 18 artists in the talent contest.

Government Monitoring of Broadcasting for Radio Station CHJX 99.9 FM

Industry Canada Details :
Visit Industry Canada

History of Radio Station CHJX 99.9 FM

Station on the air since ?