David M.R.D. Spencer

A journey of David Spencer's faith in Jesus Christ, exploration of Christian faith and Canadian Christians working in media.
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This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24)

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David M.R.D.Spencer

David M.R.D.Spencer

David M.R.D.Spencer is a community networking specialist practicing his vibrant Christian faith in the community.

  • The Founder and Project Leader of Genesis Matters Fellowship. The Genesis Matters Fellowship is a group of truth seekers who strive to understand and apply the history, message and principles of the Bible book of Genesis chapters 1 to 11. Our in person and on the web discussions are open to all those willing to share, learn and listen. Christians, non-Christians and friends of other faith, historical and scientific perspectives are welcome to participate in our friendly discussions.
    You are invited to sign up for our FREE E-Newsletter announcing Genesis Matters Fellowship gatherings and outreach activities. Sign up here.

  • The Founder and Project Leader of Educators Christian Faith Network (ECFNet) a group of educators who share a common faith in Jesus Christ. We gather to learn more about living our faith, connect with Christian ministries that help youth and encourage and pray for each other. Our mission is to:
    a) encourage our colleagues in their Christian faith journey.
    b) learn effective ways to nurture our students.
    c) be salt and light among our students and colleagues. (Matthew 5:13)

  • The Founder and Project Leader of the Prayer Warrior Network a volunteer group of Christians who are:
    a) praying for revival.
    b) praying for and encouraging our youth
    c) community leaders, church elders and church leaders.
    d) encouraging neighbours to follow Jesus Christ.
    e) encouraging neighbours to connect with a local church.
    f) encouraging neighbours to attend a local church.
    g) publishing a Directory of Erin and Hillsburgh and Area Christian Churches.

  • The Founder and National Director of ChristianMedia.ca a community of Christians and an online database that provided the history of Canadian Christians working, volunteering and ministering in media in Canada. Members believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah and Son of God. They were motivated to share the Good News through dance, drama, film, music, new media, performance, print, radio, television, visual art, web and writing. Good media is presented through creative audio, visual and movement presentations that positively influence Canadian culture and politics. Media listed in ChristianMedia.ca included fields such as dance, film, Internet web publishing, journalism, music, new media, news, performing arts, book publishing, newspaper publishing, magazine publishing, podcasting, AM,FM and satellite radio production and broadcasting, television production and broadcasting, visual arts and fiction and non-fiction writing.

  • The Founder and Project Leader of The SONSeekers outdoor recreation ministry based out of Bramalea Baptist Church.

  • The Founder and Director of the Christian Musicians' Association a network of Canadian bands, musicians, producers and promoters who were Christian. The Christian Musicians Association (CMA) was based in Brampton, Ontario Canada and ran from 1982 to 1986.

Who is David M.R.D. Spencer?

David M.R.D. Spencer is media networking volunteer and the founder and Project Leader of ChristianMedia.ca (2000 to 2008)

David has an ability to catch a ministry vision from God, encourage participation, train, empower and administer people. He is able to learn and use new technology effectively to help Christian radio broadcasters, musicians, artists, film makers , writers and volunteers reach their ministry and career goals.

In January 2009, David M.R.D. Spencer recruited and trained seven (7) Canadian Christian media workers to take over and manage eight (8) media ministry e-newsletter forums he nurtured while running ChristianMedia.ca. In February 2009, David introduced Robert McFarland, Vice President of Membership Division of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) and Dr. Ron Harris, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships (NRB) to the 176 members of ChristianRadioCanadaNews a Canadian Christian radio ministry e-newsletter forum he launched with James Houssen while running ChristianMedia.ca.

David has served as s member of the steering committee for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's Christian Media Roundtable (2002 to 2004) and advisor for The Word Guild's web site (2002). He has also made seminar presentations for MissionFest Toronto (2003) and Write! Canada (2002 and 2008).

When Did David M.R.D. Spencer Come to Faith in Jesus Christ?

David M.R.D. Spencer became a Christian under the positive influence of musicians, youth leaders and the ministry of Rev. Gord Williams at St. Paul's United Church in Brampton, Ontario. David was born again on January 20, 1976.
(John 3:1-21, 1 Peter 1:23, Romans 6:1-14, Romans 12:1-8)

Contact David M.R.D. Spencer

|e-mail David here

David's web site: http://faith.davidspencer.ca/wiki/Main_Page

Personal Testimony of Christian Faith of David M.R.D. Spencer

David M.R.D. Spencer was born again on January 20, 1976. David M.R.D. Spencer's personal testimony of Christian faith:

"I was drawn to the Church through music when I was fifteen years old. My school friend, Doug Moore, asked if I would play electronic organ for a Sunday evening youth service. I agreed. I eventually became involved in the St. Paul's United Church-Brampton youth group and learned more about the love a sacrifices of Jesus. When I learned that I could have peace with God and myself and have a living relationship with Jesus, I readily asked Him into my life.

A living faith is one that communicates and expresses the love of God to others. Those working and ministering in Canadian media have numerous opportunities to communicate this good news message with their co-workers and media consumers.

I am pleased to see that our ChristianMedia.ca web portal helped Canadian Christians connect, encourage and work together on collaborative projects that point to Jesus Christ the light of the world." -David M.R.D. Spencer - December 25, 2002

Abilities, Services and Skills of David M.R.D. Spencer

David M.R.D. Spencer has an ability to catch a ministry vision from God, encourage participation, train, empower and administer people to work together. He is able to learn and use new technology effectively to help his team reach their goals.

He has produced two Music Ministry Conferences, two Media Ministry Conferences, and two environmental education conferences.

For four years he ran The SONseekers Outdoor Recreation Ministry for Bramalea Baptist Church and effectively used the print, television and web media to promote the goals of this outdoor adventure group. He produced a youth television program for two seasons called Generation XC for Rogers Cable television in Brampton, Ontario.

David has co-authored two books and contributed to another on the topic of environmental education. He served on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development and designed and built their original web site. He is a co-founder of Erin Radioand served on the Board of Directors for this community radio station.

He is a self taught web developer who uses the Internet to connect communities with shared vision and purpose.

Education and Training of David M.R.D. Spencer

David M.R.D. Spencer received his Bachelor of Education from Queens University focussing on music and geography and a Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation from Lakehead University focussing on outdoor recreation, adventure tourism, geography, music and aboriginal studies.

He has developed strong people skills through his work with the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Recreation at the Bark Lake: The Ontario Camp Leadership Centre, the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services (Project DARE), the Federal Ministry of Correctional Services (Kingston Penitentiary), Ontario Pioneer Camps, Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship (International Students Camps), and various school boards in Ontario.

He has computer software training in Adobe Photoshop, FileMaker Pro,Instructional Design and PHP. His self taught web development skills, web ministry skills, media skills and community building skills were learned experientially through reading and trial and error practice.

Present Media Ministry of David M.R.D. Spencer

David M.R.D. Spencer was the creator and project leader for ChristianMedia.ca an online history recording how Canadian Christians used media to positively impact Canadian society. ChristianMedia.ca included web portals for media workers, professional development opportunities, newsletters, a glossary, employment and a national directory of Christians, groups and organizations working and ministering in Canadian media.

David M.R.D. Spencer is available as a consultant and as a workshop or seminar presenter on Canadian media ministry. You may contact David here.

Contributions to Canadian Media Made by David M.R.D. Spencer

David M.R.D. Spencer has prayed for and encouraged Canadian media workers since 1999 when he organized the first Media Ministry Conference at Tyndale University College & Seminary in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The vision for the ChristianMedia.ca Directory was birthed during that educational gathering.

David made a presentation to the CRTC:Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission in Hull, Quebec during the January 1982 Religious Broadcasting Hearings. During his deputation, he played a variety of music created by Canadian Christians. He asked the CRTC Commissioners to encourage the radio airplay of music written, recorded and produced by Canadian Christians on Canadian AM radio and FM radio stations. The 1982 CRTC Commissioners learned that there was a considerable amount of CANCON (Canadian content) being produced by Christian artists. However there were not enough venues to expose this music to the general public.

David at his booth for the Christian Musicians' Association
during the Canadian Music Show held at the Canadian National Exhibition (C.N.E.) grounds in Toronto in November 1984

David has been blessed by and enjoyed connecting Christian radio broadcasters, musicians, artists, film makers , writers and volunteers through Media Ministry Conferences, Newsletters for Media Workers and the Radio.ChristianMedia.ca web portal.

In March 2003, David co-presented with Terry Lee and Brent Stainton a seminar on music and missions during MissionFest Toronto. Their seminar helped Christian artists partner with Canadian Missions Organizations and learn how to use their music to educate about world missions. A summary of their presentation entitled Partnerships:Artists and Musicians in World Missions will be available online soon.

David served on the steering committee for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) Christian Media Roundtable from 2001 to 2004. He helps promote Canadian writers who are Christian by serving as an advisor for The Word Guild and participating in TheWordGuild E-Newsletter. He is a volunteer distributor for The Christian Herald Newspaper published by Fazal Karim that reaches the Christian community of southern Ontario.

On August 14, 2003, David began researching and bringing people together to establish a community radio station for the village of Erin, Ontario. The station went on the air on 2006 as Erin Radio on 101.5 FM.

On August 10, 2007, David set up the new web site for Erin Village Alliance Church based in Erin, Ontario. On November 10 , 2007, he set up the new web site for Crossings Community Church based in Acton, Ontario.

On September 26, 2007, David made a presentation to students and staff of York University in North York, Ontario during their Career Conversation Day. The discussion panel was called "Conversational Panel: Industry Insights – Media & Communications". You can hear David M.R.D. Spencer's presentation and answers to audience questions online here.

On September 29, 2007, David made a presentation to COEO (The Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario) called "Taking Facebook Outdoors". You can read David's presentation notes here.

On June 14 2008, David organized and presented a panel discussion during The Word Guild's writer's conference at Write! Canada in Guelph, Ontario. The panel discussion was called "Alternative Markets: Writing for Radio, Music Ezines, Missions and New Media". You can read David's presentation notes here.

David writes encouraging e-mail messages and sends them to media workers who are Christians. He also invites them to share their passion for media ministry by listing in our ChristianMedia.ca Directory.

Media Career Tips from David M.R.D. Spencer

David M.R.D. Spencer suggests the following media career tips.

Pray and ask God to provide a clear vision for how HE would have you be involved in media. He may call you to part-time, full-time, volunteer or paid media ministry work.

In order to receive proper training and technological skill development, I recommend that you investigate media, communication and journalism courses offered by universities, community colleges and media associations. To gain experience, volunteer with a local media association, newspaper, radio or television station. Participate in community theatre groups or Church musicals and drama. If you are a musician or vocalist jam with friends and look for opportunities to play and listen to the music of others.

Commit to a church. Attend church and participate in worship. Make sure that you are rooted in a local Bible believing Christian church. Meet with your church minister/pastor/priest and your elders/deacons. Share your media ministry with them and ask them to pray for you and encourage you.

Set up a newsletter or e-newsletter and keep your supporters and prayer partners up to date with your media ministry. Your calling to communicate through the media requires striving for accuracy and excellence. Plan ahead. Be prepared. Spend time in God's word. Worship in Spirit and truth. Ask God and other Christians for help. Make sure that you are listed in this ChristianMedia.ca directory.

Accolades For David M.R.D. Spencer

People are saying the following about the life and media ministry of David M.R.D. Spencer.

  • RE: Passing the ChristianRadioCanada_News torch to Beth Warden
    "Thanks David Spencer for the years of dedication to ChristianRadioCanada_News. You have done tremendous work especially meeting with many broadcasters and potential workers for the Lord. It is through one thought, one purpose to serve that we are able to get connected across this country, and you have helped us connect. I have learned many things through the forum and from your leadership. We will always appreciate you."
    - Prescott Sandhu, Co-Moderator of ChristianRadioCanada_News, December 14, 2008

  • RE: Passing the ChristianRadioCanada_News torch to Beth Warden
    "Your dedication to serving others through this ministry is greatly appreciated. The forum has provided useful debate for us to reason matters characterized by divergent opinion. Your kindness and Christ-like demeanour is a standard that we all need to replicate. In a world of wolves in sheep’s clothing, where many cast their Hallelujah smile for some and hold knives behind their back for others, you are a breath of clean, fresh air. May God bless you and grant you wisdom in all your endeavours."
    - Andy McNabb, President of Andy McNabb & Company/McNabb Broadcasting December 14, 2008

  • "Thanks for the invite! I'll be sure to join your group. I think it's wonderful that you have made it your mission to support Canadian Christians in various style ministries. God Bless you! Perhaps the new year could bring us some variety concerts and open stage venues that would really help Christian artists get "the word" out! I'm a dreamer - but then, it all starts with a dream, doesn't it? Take care and Happy New Year!"
    - Sally O'Connor, singer and motivational speaker, January 1, 2008

  • "Thanks so much for the friend request!! And thanks for the service you provide to Canadian Christian artists - it is truly appreciated!! Have a most wonderful and blessed New Year!!"
    Susan G. Acheson, singer/songwriter, January 1, 2008

  • "David, I wanted to thank you for the wisdom you have shown in creating ChristianMedia.ca. I was informed of this by Angie Reichenbach who has also signed on with you. I will refer others. I want to wish you well. If there is anything I can do from my end please let me know. Yours in sport and in Jesus.
    - Bob McKenna, Publisher of Canadian Sports Magazines, Inc - December 15, 2007

  • "Thanks Dave for this service."
    - Rob Green, Producer of Joyful Sounds and Host of Gospel Country, syndicated, U.S.A. - March 10, 2006

  • "Thanks so much for listing the Fellowship to your newsletter. Please pray that would lead the people He chooses to this."
    - Chris Hansen ,[[StoryCollective.com], Vienna, VA, U.S.A. - March 17, 2005

  • "I have made some good initial contacts through the "ChristianRadioCanada_News" list, and appreciate your work in keeping it going. Trust we can meet some day in the Lord' timing. May God strengthen you as this ministry develops. Blessings in Christ."
    - Ken Fast, Northern Rain Studio, Derwent, Alberta - December 18, 2002

  • "You are to be commended for all you've done for Canadian Christian broadcasters for so long. What you have started will bear fruit for a long, long time. The ChristianRadioCanada News e-newsletter is worth a lot to many, and I think should be perpetuated."
    - Erik Fredeen, Former Sales Associate, CHRI 99.1 FM Radio - Ottawa, Ontario - October 15, 2002

David speaking with a Salvation Army Captain during the
Brampton Church Music Festival produced by David at the Chinguacousy Park Bandshell in 1985 in Brampton, Ontario.

Christians Who Have Impacted the Life of David M.R.D. Spencer

The following Christians have positively impacted the life and media ministry of David M.R.D. Spencer.

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