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A journey of David Spencer's faith in Jesus Christ, exploration of Christian faith and Canadian Christians working in media.
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# James Houssen  
# James Houssen  
# James Hunt
# James Hunt
# Scott Jackson
# Scott Jackson with [http://www.christianflamethrower.com/resume.html Trust Communications Ministries] in Barrie, Ontario.
# Steve Jones
# Steve Jones
# Fazal Karim
# Fazal Karim

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This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24)

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ChristianRadioCanadaNews connects Christian radio staff.


"ChristianRadioCanadaNews" CRCN is a forum for asking advice, sharing answers and announcing developments in Canadian Christian radio. Through this e-newsletter, our members share resources for radio station managers and programmers and announce future gatherings of Canadian Christian radio personnel.

"ChristianRadioCanadaNews" is run on Google Groups and is currently owned and managed by David Spencer. Beth Warden was the moderator from 2009 to November 30, 2015 when the forum ran on Yahoo! Groups.

"ChristianRadioCanadaNews" provides the following:

  1. resources for radio station engineers,managers,programmers,salespersons and on-air hosts.
  2. technical information and answers to questions about setting up AM, Low Power FM, High Power FM radio stations, Internet radio and satellite broadcasting.
  3. announcements about gatherings of Canadian radio personnel who are Christian.
  4. announcements of applications and approvals for Canadian Christian radio station broadcasting licences granted by the CRTC:Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.
  5. news relating to broadcasting from Industry Canada.
  6. words and Bible scripture of encouragement.

To subscribe to ChristianRadioCanadaNews, please send an e-mail to David Spencer at: ChristianRadioCanadaNews+subscribe@googlegroups.com

or request membership consideration online here.

To contact the Moderator of ChristianRadioCanadaNews, log in with your Gmail address and visit here. .

New members welcome in ChristianRadioCanadaNews

Participants in the ChristianRadioCanadaNews Forum

The following radio, media and advertising people currently participate in the ChristianRadioCanadaNews Forum. This list was last updated on July 16, 2018. Please encourage and pray for these dedicated media workers.

  1. Lorne Anderson
  2. Jonathan Andrews
  3. Al Baker
  4. Patrick Bestall
  5. Bruce Birtwistle
  6. Don Brooks
  7. Scott Card
  8. Doug Chaplin
  9. ChristianWeek Editor
  10. David Currie
  11. Roger deBrabant
  12. Dan Diaczun
  13. Barbara Dowling
  14. Bob Dubroy
  15. Paul Firminger
  16. Daniel Garvin
  17. Bonnie Gauthier
  18. Ray Gauthier
  19. Ellen Graf-Martin
  20. Rob Green
  21. Sherry Griffin
  22. James Houssen
  23. James Hunt
  24. Scott Jackson with Trust Communications Ministries in Barrie, Ontario.
  25. Steve Jones
  26. Fazal Karim
  27. Danielle Klammer with Eaglecom Marketing in Delta, British Columbia.
  28. James Kurtis
  29. Jeff Lutes
  30. David Leibold
  31. Dave MacDonald
  32. AJ Martin
  33. Andy Mcnabb
  34. Kristen McNulty
  35. Sandra Moyes
  36. Ged Stonehouse
  37. Don Millar
  38. Bob Olynyk
  39. Brian Reimer
  40. Lynn Reimer
  41. Catherine Robertson
  42. Johnny Rocket
  43. Hollie Sackett-Reid
  44. Prescott Sandhu
  45. Brian Seeley
  46. Shannon Skene
  47. Terry Somerville
  48. David Spencer
  49. Ged Stonehouse
  50. Mikayla Stroeder with Graf-Martin Communications Inc, in Kitchener, Ontario.
  51. Paola Theaker with Graf-Martin Communications Inc, in Kitchener, Ontario.
  52. Tim Toronchuk with World Outreach Communications in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  53. Brock Tozer
  54. Brian Tucker
  55. Tim Underwood
  56. Marian Vander Meulen with Eaglecom Marketing in Delta, British Columbia.
  57. Ian Walker
  58. Beth Warden
  59. Tina Weidelich
  60. Tim Whitehead
  61. Paul Weigel