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A journey of David Spencer's faith in Jesus Christ, exploration of Christian faith and Canadian Christians working in media.
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Who is Dave Daw?

Dave Daw is a musician/vocalist, music producer, recording/mastering engineer, president of Summit Sound and advocate for gospel music in Canada, as a former president of the Canadian Gospel Music Association. Along with his wife, Kathy Daw, Dave has recorded and performed since 1968 with his gospel music band The Proverbs and has also produced over 2000 album projects for other artists.

Born again in Sept, 1968.
(John 3:1-21, 1 Peter 1:23, Romans 6:1-14, Romans 12:1-8)

Contact Dave Daw

Dave Daw,
Summit Sound Inc.,
P.O. Box 333,
Westport, Ontario, Canada K0G 1X0

telephone: 613-273-2818
toll free: 1-800-403-9755

web site: http://www.summitsound.com

Mission Statement of Dave Daw

Dave Daw's mission is to serve Christian artists with integrity, providing professional services, quality products and competitive pricing through his recording company http://www.summitsound.com .

Present Media Ministry of Dave Daw

Dave Daw is an experienced recording and mastering engineer having engineered more than 2000 CD projects and is currently actively involved in music production on a daily basis as co-owner of http://www.summitsound.com . Summit Sound Inc. specializes in providing "turn-key" recording and custom music production & manufacturing services, with an experienced staff made up of producers, engineers, arrangers, professional studio musicians and backing vocalists to compliment any production. Summit Sound also provides complete custom music manufacturing services including: graphic design, mastering, music packaging-print and CD/DVD replication services available to all other studios, labels and independent artists with best quality and prices guaranteed. Dave and his wife Kathy Daw are also Christian musicians and vocalists with gospel music group, the Proverbs http://www.theproverbs.com

How You Can Help the Media Ministry of Dave Daw

Dave Daw respectfully requests your prayers for continued opportunities to serve Christian artists through custom music production.

Contributions to Canadian Media Made by Dave Daw

Dave Daw has engineered more than 2000 Christian album projects and has mastered hundreds more. Dave and his wife Kathy were also awarded the CGMA Achievement Award for their numerous contributions to the advancement of Gospel Music in Canada. Dave was a founder, and has served as president and vice president of the Canadian Giospel Music Association. Dave continues to work as a musician and singer with his gopsel music group http://www.theproverbs.com as well as co-owning and operating http://www.summitsound.com

Skills and Abilities of Dave Daw

Dave Daw is an experienced recording and mastering engineer having engineered more than 2000 CD projects and is currently actively involved in music production on a dialy basis at http://www.summitsound.com . Dave ministers on weekends with his gospel music group http://www.thproverbs.com

Education and Training of Dave Daw

Dave Daw graduated from Rideau District High School in 1972 and from Loyalist College in 1974 with a diploma in "Communications Studio Techniques". Dave apprenticed for 3 years with RCA Studios engineer Peter Vandertogt before opening his own recording studio http://www.summitsound.com - in Westport, Ontario in 1978. Dave has continued to study recording and acoustics and is an experienced ProTools user.

Media Related Subscriptions of Dave Daw

Dave Daw subscribes to the following media related publications:

media related publication #2
media related publication #3
media related publication #4

Personal Testimony of Christian Faith of Dave Daw

Dave Daw was born again at a children's summer camp, but re-dedicated his life to the Lord as a young teen in September, 1969. Although Dave grew up as pastor's son he made a personal commitment to Christ as a child and has attempted to remain true to that commitment throughout his life as a gospel musician and music producer.

Home Church: Kingston Gospel Temple, Kingston, ON

Christians Who Have Impacted the Life of Dave Daw

The following Christians have impacted the life of Dave Daw. Parents Rev. & Mrs W.J. E. Daw, friend and mentor Alan McEwen, Kenny Parker, Neil Enloe, Joe Bonsall, David Will, Duane Allen, and Kathy Daw.

Favourite Bible Verses of Dave Daw

Dave Daw's favourite Bible verse: Eph 4:32 - be ye kind one to another, tender hearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake has forgiven you.

View favourite Bible verses of other Canadian media workers and volunteers.

Media Career Tips from Dave Daw

Dave Daw suggests the following media career tips.

Dave meets many people who feel God has called them into music ministry, and is constantly asked how to succeed in Gospel music.

Dave Daw has dedicated his life and professional career (aside from his own musical ministry of the Proverbs) to assisting people just like you!

The best advice is to keep playing and singing and asking God for guidance. Dave also recommends that you sing/play at every opportunity and pray daily about the direction God wants you to take. If you feel God has called you to a music ministry, seek to perfect your talent and get any good musical training you can afford. Instrumental and vocal lessons can only benefit you and help you to achieve your dreams. Many good self help music training systems exist that will allow you to learn at home with music instructional DVDs - check http://www.canadiankoalamusic.com for some great products distributed by Dave's son Jeremy Daw.

For some of the best advice on putting your stage performance together, Dave recommends obtaining Tom Jackson Productions’ video series which is available through his website http://www.tomjacksonproductions.com If you are a vocalist, you may consider utilizing the resources, of "The Vocal Coach". You may visit Chris & Carole Beatty’s website to find more information on their service http://www.vocalcoach.com .

Depending on the genre of music you choose, some “industry” websites you will want to visit are the Gospel Music Association, the Southern Gospel Music Association, and the Southern Gospel Music Guild. Canadian artists may also wish to contact the Canadian Gospel Music Association or CGMA.

Dave's own experiences (both positive an negative) as part of gospel group - The Proverbs - as a recording artist, prompted Dave and his wife Kathy Daw to found a Christian recording and custom music manufacturing company called Summit Sound Inc. in 1974 to help other artists in their music ministries. To date, they have assisted hundreds of Christian music artists from both Canada and the USA as one of Canada's leading custom music production specialists. You can find lots of free information on custom recording, studio musicians, CD manufacturing, packaging, copyright, mechanical licensing and much more on their website at http://www.summitsound.com

If you have specific questions don't hesitate to contact Dave or Kathy Daw through the joint offices of Proverbs and Summit Sound by calling 1-800-403-9755.

Accolades About Dave Daw

People are saying the following about the life and media ministry of Dave Daw.

"We can't say enough good things about the huge difference in the sound quality on our new CD following the excellent work done by Dave Daw at Summit Sound - The owner of a surfing/skateboarding show and magazine called Concrete Wave on OLN-TV has just approached us and offered to put one of our new CD tracks on an international DVD they will be including with their magazine subscription this year! Thanks to Dave at Summit for helping make our new CD both radio friendly and now DVD/TV ready! So glad now that we decided against doing our project in Toronto as many of our musician-friends were recommending... we recommend Summit Sound to everyone! TEA FOR THE VOYAGE

"Dave, I had a good listen to the re-master yesterday. It sounds outstanding !! Thanks so much for your work and effort, it really makes the difference ! So many thanks for your determination on making me happy with this, it means a lot and shows just how committed you are to making the customer happy !!!" CAL MULLINS - Kingston, ON

"I brought my CD in for mastering and Dave gave it a real sparkle and ensured that it was radio ready. The environment was pleasant and friendly and the final price was lower than the orginal quote, plus I received my full CD order in just over a week! I have been a musician for 27 years and recorded at a number of studios, but I was really impressed with the whole team at Summit Sound and will bring all my future business here!" SCOTT TOWAIJ - Ottawa, ON

"I have recorded and mastered more than a dozen children's album projects at Summit Sound Inc. - two of the most recent were nominated for Juno Awards for Best Canadian Children's Album. I love the fact that Summit Sound Inc. offers all of the services required at one location - from recording and mastering to cover design, to copyright issues, printing and manufacturing. It's always a pleasure to work with the helpful staff at Summit Sound!" JUNO AWARD NOMINEE: Mary Lambert http://www.marylambertmusic.com

"It's always good to have a second pair of ears to review the final mix, and I am always pleased with the excellent mastering you do for all our clients - that's why we send all our studio's mastering and CD/DVD manufacturing your way. Thanks for always making us look and sound great!" RESMER RECORDING STUDIO

"I just wanted to say what an awesome job you guys did on our CD. You guys rock! People have had nothing but good things to say about it. We just had our CD release party over the weekend, with lots of good feedback... Anyways just thought I'd drop you a line to say hopefully we'll be back with a new project next June!" Dave Morrow, HEARSAY

"Lots of people had reservations about us doing our project in Canada instead of going to Nashville... we are so glad we came to Summit Sound... You did an awesome job and I hope to send more business your way! " TRACY NETT - Rhode Island, USA

"Thank-you for being such a delightful company to deal with... It has truly been a wonderful experience working with Summit Sound on the release of our new CD... Thanks once again - everything turned out even better than we had ever anticipated - we will be back!" THE PRIVATEERS

" I would like to express our gratitude on your fine production of the Streambabies CD.... It was both an extremely scary and an amazing learning experience. Summit Sound went out of their way to make us happy and proud. I can't say the same for the (outside) printer we used... Live and learn! Once again, thank you for your attention to detail." Wendy Saby, Manager, STREAMBABIES - London, ON

"Thank-you for all the help and advice on our latest project... your assistance was greatly appreciated. Summit Sound is a good example of how a company should treat it's customers, and we look forward to continuing to do business with you." EMPIRE RECORDS