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Content Management Systems (CMS) for Church Web Sites >>> Management Software for Churches

A CMS or Content Management Systems is the backend component of a web site that runs off a database and delivers the information one sees on the front end of a web site. A CMS driven web site provides more dynamic content and variety to the web site visitor.

As more Christian Churches discover the value and importance of a dynamic web site for communication, more ministries and companies are offering a custom designed CMS with templates or custom templates to their customers.

When considering a CMS for your church, you may wish to consider the following criteria suggested by Church Technology Review:

  • SEO Friendly URLS: Does the CMS use user friendly urls that also help people find your church through search engine optimization?
  • Syndication: Can users syndicate content?
  • Unique Design: Are you forced to use their designs, or use one that reflects your church.
  • Web Based Admin: Can admins login to a web-based tool to manage/edit their website rather than install software on their own.
  • Web Standards: Does the CMS use accessible code to ensure cross-browser and disability accessibility?

The following is a sample of some web site CMS available to the Christian Church market. Each service is listed alphabetically. To add your CMS for churches, please contact us.


AdvancedMinistry has all of the features you need to build and manage a great website -- all with simple, familiar web-based tools -- no programming or HTML needed. Create pages using text, images, links, and even video. Blogs, calendars, file downloads, interactive photo galleries, and forms are a snap. Want to collect donations, offer private member-only sections, or view your website's traffic statistics? AdvancedMinistry is a product of ElectriCurrent and part of Gateseven Media Group

  • CMS runs on cfm Cold Fusion
  • Features
  • Tour
  • Pricing ranges from free basic, $19.95 CA to $99.95 CA per month
  • Head office located in London, Ontario, Canada


ACSTechnologies provides a member database, member retention tools, event tools, and communication tools. ACS Technologies enables churches to manage groups, events, finances, donor relationships, volunteers, staff, child care, schedules, mailings, reporting, Web sites, growth strategies and so much more. Whether online, offline, or wireless, the tools you need to help you connect your community are totally integrated under one roof. ACS Technologies has partnered with the developers of Monvee, a revolutionary new discipleship tool, to help churches and individuals alike strengthen their personal relationships with Christ.

  • Platform: Extend
  • Features
  • Solutions
  • Pricing?
  • Head office located in Florence, South Carolina, U.S.A.

Church Community Builder

Church Community Builder is a lens through which we should be able to observe and measure our impact on the communities we serve. It's a powerful tool that should empower the people, systems and processes which support deeper engagement and life transformation. Church Community Builder supports these goals by unifying core management tools and critical people-driven data into one right place. Fully integrated social networking tools are hard-wired in to help people connect, communicate, serve, and build community. Church members benefit from greater engagement and an improved sense of belonging. Your church benefits from robust insight into overall involvement, growth, and impact.

Church111 Website Builder

Church111 Website Builder is a low cost, easy to use online website editor. Church111 Website Builder includes an online Holy Bible and Church Library. Church111 Website Builder is a product of ICG Link Inc.

  • Platform: HTML and CSS code
  • Features, video
  • Example web sites
  • Pricing one time $50 setup and training fee plus $15 US per month, registration fee for a domain name is $15/year, additional fees apply for POP mailboxes, storage space, blogs, member section.
  • Head office located in Brentwood,Tennessee, U.S.A.


ChurchPixel provides a church Website Content Management System, Custom Church Website Design, Church Store Development, Multimedia Center, Blog, events, calendars, Branding and Podcasting.

  • Platform: PHP, CSS, Flash
  • Features
  • Templates ?
  • Pricing one time fee ranges between $999 US to $2,999 US Plus $59 US to $499 US for other add-ons.
  • Head office located in Bear U.S.A.

ChurchSites offers professional web hosting and website design for Churches and Christian Non-Profit organizations. Runs on Microsoft asp.

Church Web Works

Church Web Works allows you to choose your templates, choose your photos, point, click and go. Editing content and design is a snap too so you can easily change things up for Easter, Christmas or a special event. Church Web Works is owned by Razor Planet, Inc. Company.

City Gates

City Gates provides powerful web publishing tools at your fingertips, customized for your church needs. is a product of Brand New Box

  • Platform ?
  • Features
  • Templates
  • Pricing ranges from $39 US to $99 US per month
  • Head office located in San Diego, California, U.S.A.


Clover was created to give you the best, cleanest, front-end web presence available, combined with the most intuitive, un-intimidating content management system ever invented. Clover was created so that anyone can manage and maintain a feature-rich website, and enjoy doing it - without feeling stupid. No Need to Know HTML or CSS. Created for a 65-year-old Admin.

Cobblestone Community Network

Cobblestone Community Network helps churches manage small groups, classes, discipleship groups, leadership groups and projects. Includes photo sharing, file sharing, event management and a prayer module. Cobblestone is the creation of Monk Development.

Collision Media was birthed out of a church plant. They help churches of all sizes implement creative and functional websites. Founder Tommy Bailey grew up in the church as the son of a pastor. He saw first hand the need for churches to have vibrant, smart, and creative communication, but also intrinsically understood many of the unique needs of growing churches and church plants.

Ekklesia 360 was created by church planters who saw a need. The existing 'off the shelf' products and third party applications reached a point of diminishing returns. This group of pastors and lay-leaders decided to build a system that tackled the challenges they faced. Many churches fail to use their website to gather new visitors and continually provide valuable or current information to their congregation. These two areas are often the primary goals of why churches create a website in the first place. Ekklesia 360 is the creation of a group of pastors, ministry leaders and church planters who are committed to building a great product and are passionate about excellence. Ekklesia addresses both of these challenges. Monk Development, Inc. is the creator of Ekklesia 360.


Elexio CMS provides multiple pieces of content open at the same time for editing. You can update your calendar of events, your staff directory, etc. at the same time. When a staff member asks for a quick change on the homepage you can jump right in and update that content as well, and, when you are done, you can pickup exactly where you left off on the other areas you were updating.

  • Platform ?
  • Features
  • Templates
  • Pricing One time setup fee ranges between $700 US and $3200 US. Extra fees for plugins and forums.
  • Head office located in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


E-zekiel provides an easy online editor helps Ministry leaders, church staff, and volunteers build Web site pages - anytime, anywhere - without a steep learning curve. Each and every Web site design that's included with E-zekiel can be edited by you. E-zekiel is a product of Axletree Media.

  • Platform: CSS
  • Features and tips
  • Templates
  • Pricing ranges from $12 US to $64 US per month
  • Head office located in Montgomery, Alabama U.S.A.


FaithConnector church websites are beautiful, feature-packed websites that cost as little as $54/month. We want to be the most affordable way for ministries to get the highest-quality church website design, application and content management system (CMS). We're a Christian company, and FaithConnector is our core product. FaithConnector is a product of [Nextmeta].

  • Platform ?
  • Features
  • Templates
  • Pricing $250 US setup fee plus between $54 to $79
  • Head office located in Orion, Michigan, U.S.A.


Faithwebsites allow you to have one or dozens of administrators on your site - each responsible for sections or individual ministry pages - and none of them need anything more than everyday computer skills. Faithwebsites is a product of Dynamic Internet Solutions, LLC.

  • Platform: CFM Cold Fusion
  • Features
  • Templates
  • Pricing setup fee ranges from $149 US to $499 US and monthly fees range from $35 US to $85 US per month
  • Head office located in Waupun, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Gutensite allows you to add pages, write articles, upload images, offer multimedia audio and video files, keep a calendar, blog and keep track of site visitors, just to mention a few things.

iMinistries offers a Content Management System geared specifically towards ministries. Our church CMS provides those without Web coding knowledge the ability to post News, Events, Calendars, Photos, Blogs and more to their church website.

LightCMS is a content management system (CMS) for web designers. Design web sites with HTML/CSS standards — their content management system gives you ultimate design flexibility. Empower your clients with easy-to-use tools. Plus, Light CMS helps you build your web design business with free reselling tools. Their content management system also offers client billing. If you choose to use it, they'll take on the hassle of invoicing and charging your clients. You set the pricing LightCM charges and we pays you a profit every month. LightCMS is a product of the company Element Fusion a company in business since 1999..

Lynchpin Design

IMMIx is a CMS with Semi-Custom Templates are created by us and customized by you. We are offering to build you a "custom" Semi-Custom Template. A custom site for template prices!

  • Platform ?
  • Features
  • Templates
  • Pricing ranges from $1750 US to $2750 US
  • Head office located in Portland, Maine, U.S.A.


MinistryBuilder is the service to churches and ministries who desire to reach their world with excellence, by being attractive while remaining affordable. MinistryBuilder is a product of OSM Networks.


MultipliCMS was created to help church leaders from small start-up churches to large established churches be able to update their church website easier and faster and without breaking your budget! Our heart is to serve the churches that serve the body of Christ. We’re not going to nickle and dime your ministry every month with unnecessary fees because we know that you need those nickels and dimes to help run your church. MultipliCMS


Perch admin area has been designed to make it easy for non-technical users to update content, however despite being a lightweight CMS, Perch has power to add dynamic functionality to your site. Adding an event calendar, uploading MP3 files of sermons and displaying images of events are all achievable without needing to understand PHP. perch is a product of edgeofmyseat Limited

Radium3 delivers world-class custom design options for any budget. From free templates to fully custom work, every Radium3 site gets a handcrafted design from our award-winning design team. The form creator integrates with, PayPal, or Google Checkout, so you have lots of options to collect payments. Radium3 is a product of the company Element Fusion a company in business since 1999..


SiteOrganic is the only church Website solution that delivers The Organic Blend of design, content management tools, and personal service. is a product of Edge Media, Inc.

  • Platform: ASP
  • Features
  • Templates
  • Pricing ranges from $99 US to $299 US per month
  • Head office located in Ashburn, Virginia, U.S.A.


SoChurch exists to help you, whatever your church size, role, or technical expertise, simplify your every day with a centralized, easy-to-use communication solution. The SoChurch team is committed to helping churches and ministries of all stripes connect their faithful members, engage new visitors, and spread their message in effective and relevant ways.

  • Platform: ?
  • Features
  • Templates?
  • Pricing ranges from $7 US to $99 US per month
  • Head office located in Peoria, Arizona, U.S.A.

The City by Zondervan

The City is a web based software that helps churches lead people into deeper local community using online tools that help them build connections and encourage growth.

  • Platform: ?
  • Features
  • Templates?
  • Pricing ranges from $19 US to $165 US per month plus $250 US to $550 set up fee
  • Head office located in Seattle,Washington, U.S.A.


WordPress is a free CMS that you can host on your web server using or host for a fee with

Which CMS Should Our Church Use?

The following are comments about CMS from various individuals.